Tag Heuer Connected Rose Gold Replica

Best Price Tag Heuer Connected Rose Gold Replica Watch For Men

TAG Heuer has been tackling the rose gold Tag Heuer Connected replica smartwatch to make a piece that looks like a classic TAG Heuer but houses connected technology. Intel delved into the watch’s intelligent side with TAG Heuer to give it performance and myriad connection options including audio feed, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi whilst enabling wearers to use a wide range of functions fuelled by the Android Wear system. TAG Heuer worked closely with Intel and Google to design a watch that blends connectivity and Swiss watch expertise to achieve its goal. The 46mm TAG Heuer Connected Rose Gold looks like a real watch. The TAG Heuer Connected has 4 GB of memory, a last generation lithium battery with a 1-day battery life, a small microphone so you can communicate with it using Google Voice control and a sapphire crystal touchscreen (a vital addition to the control pusher at 3).

Tag Heuer Connected Rose Gold replica watch

Tag Heuer Connected Rose Gold replica watch

True to its brand identity, mens fake TAG Heuer watch wanted to bring out a new model pairing modern materials such as titanium and precious metals such as rose gold.

The IP67-approved piece is waterproof for everyday life and has a contact charger to charge it up. Like all the brand’s watches, the TAG Heuer Connected comes with a 2 year warranty and TAG Heuer gives every TAG Heuer Connected copy watch for sale owner the chance to swap it for a mechanical watch for 1,500 USD when the warranty expires.

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